The festivals final day: A whole week cumulates into this one, long saturday night. Film premieres in- and outdoor, director’s Q&As, readings, concerts, exhibitions and our closing party take you on a trip to surf culture heaven.



Pro surfer and musician Lee-Ann Curren will fly in from Biarritz to play an exclusive show for the Berlin crowd. As the daughter of world champ Tom Curren, most adored surfer of all time and wonderful musician himself, she had big shoes to fill and did it with style.


“Sometimes I wonder if there are similarities between the way we surf and the sort of music we like because I grew up surfing with my dad, and playing music together,” she says. “I wonder whether it’s a genetic thing or if I have unconsciously copied what he does. It does feel kind of natural when I do that bottom turn like him… It feels as if I’m inhabiting his style.”

Her music is hypnotic, intense and personal. We are stoked to have Lee-Ann with us on saturday 4, playing on the main stage after the sun settles.


Jenia and Yoav actually perform in major festivals in Israel and Europe.


Driven by the desire to absorb and experience different sounds and cultures while integrating the arts, JonZ from Tel Aviv write powerful yet gentle folk songs, wrapped in a soft electronic blanket.
This allows them to develop an eclectic language, building and rebuilding their home here in Berlin for this evening.



Street Musician Eugene has gone for gigs almost everywhere in the world. Influenced by Blunt, Johnson and Howard his last stops were Australia, Thailand, India, and: Israel! That's where we met him right on Gordons Beach in Tel Aviv. We asked him if he likes to follow us to Berlin in order to accompany the Festival! Voilà: Here comes Eugene Kurolap from… everywhere.  



We invite you to a challenging journey in the hands of renowned surfer Kepa Acero, who will talk us about surfing,  his life experience, motivation, the spirit to make impossible dreams, the adventures and the encounters of an inspired explorer. Kepa Acero is part of European surfing history. He started his professional career at the age of 18, proclaiming himself a European junior champion. For years he remained in the top 10 of European professional surfers until he definitely reoriented his career to tackle challenges related to surfing not only as a sport, but as an art and lifestyle. Kepa defends this discipline as another way of seeing the world.

His solo trip has taken him to the most remote places in the world, from the deserts of Africa to Alaska and Antarctica.



FR, 2018, Regie: Vincent Kardasik, 50 Min., OV engl.UT

Featuring: Benjamin Sanchis, Shane Dorian, Jack Robinson, & Justin Becret


This film tells the full story of the blood, sweat, & tears behind what it takes to surf the heaviest waves on the planet.


“Over the the last eight years and countless missions to the world's heaviest waves, our crew has been searching for perfect waves” says Benjamin Sanchis. “The film gets behind those travels to show all the waves, work, pain, fun, friendship, adrenalin and rewards that go into surfing these type of extreme waves.”


The documentary features never been seen before footage and behind the scenes action from some of surfing's most memorable sessions.


USA, 2018. Regie: Steve Jones. 99 Min



Andy Irons was an incredible presence on the world stage, the “People’s Champion.” He was the pride of Hawaii and revered around the world for his rise to fame and success. He lived the life of a rock star, ruled the line ups of O’ahus north shore, backed by the infamous “Wolfpak”-Gang, his childhood friends from Kauai that basically took over Pipeline in the 90’s. After three consecutive world titles from 2002-2004, dominating Kelly Slater and the whole tour, his lifestyle began to wear him out. In 2010 Andy Irons died in a hotel room in Texas, his cause of death still a mystery. This film for the first time tells the truth about Andy’s life.



From the big waves of Ireland and Portugal to the surfing paradises of France, Spain and North Africa’s Morocco – follow british explorer Mark Harris on a classic roadtrip to sample all that Europe has to offer both in and out of the water.


THE ENDLESS WINTER digs deep into the history and surf culture of Biarritz, Hossegor, Mundaka, Nazare, Morocco - showing never seen before archive footage of the hippie days of surfing. The film also features todays stand out locals at each spot – Kepa Acero scores epic Mundaka, Pauliine Ado in Hossegor etc.

Best Film - Waimea Hawaii

Best Documenraty – Mimpi, Rio

Viewers Choice Best Feature - Santa Cruz

This is a must watch for any European surfer and everyone that enjoys van life in France, Spain, Portugal or Morocco.




During the Ebola outbreak, the younger members of a traditional fishing community discover their identity and purpose through surfing as they join the first and only surf club in Sierra Leone. This beautifully shot documentary shows the diversity and resilience of West Africa, and how a dream can bring light in an otherwise dark time.

SLE, 2018. Regie: Floris Loeff. 80 Min.

D, 2018. Regie: Dörthe Eickelberg. 90 Min




Surfing is about expressing freedom. But this freedom between the sky and sea has its limits, especially to women when they return to solid grounds. In many cultures a woman on a surfing board is seen as an insult, often synonymous with exclusion, sanction, sometimes facing serious consequences. Some ignore this danger, and continue to surf.

In Chicks On Boards, Dörthe Eickelberg, ARTE presenter and passionate surfer, begins a world tour to meet young women who despite their religion, skin color, or tradition want to conquer freedom on their surfing boards. Even if it implies losing everything they have.



This is a collaboration between filmmaker Stephen L. Jones and the band Headland. Throughout 2016/ 2017 Stephen hiked around the cliffs and beaches of Lennox Head and Byron Bay, filming the magical place he calls home. Over the same period Murray Paterson and the Headland band were composing music inspired by the same beautiful coastline.

AUS, 2018, Regie : Stephen L. Jones, 40 Min

Also featuring on screen: Dave Rastovich, Terepai Richmond, Joel Fitzgerald, Torren Martyn, Ellis Ericson, Araucaria Velasco, the mystery surfer… and the massive east coast swell of winter 2016.


The culmination is the visual album 'True Flowers from this Painted World' - an emotive portrait and spacious soundscape that builds on traditional notions of land and seascape, combining guitar layered compositions and cinematic fragments of the Lennox Head/Byron Bay coastline.



USA, 2017. Regie: Ira Opper. 60 Min


In the early eighties, while sailing off remote Lombok Island in Indonesia, young California surfer Bill Heick and his friends stumbled across the perfect wave…a pristine barreling left reeling endlessly and empty over a shallow, live-coral reef. As treacherous as it was beautiful, it was later dubbed “Desert Point” for its dry forbidding nature. In the years that followed, a pioneer crew of hardcore surfers set up a makeshift beach outpost and kept their treasure off the surf-media map for almost a decade.

Their mission: to surf uncrowded Desert Point at the highest level possible…no matter the cost. But Paradise, they quickly found, came at a price. Camping rough on the beach for months at a time was far from an idyllic vacation and came with its own set of annoyances, malaise and outright danger. Life on the remote point was a constant balancing act between the surfing dream and the very real possibility of injury, armed robbery and life-threatening disease. But the siren’s call of the Perfect Wave held strong and has kept the pioneers, and the thousands who have followed, returning to “Deserts” for decades.

Winner Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival 2017




10969 BERLIN 



Sons of Mana serves the freshest poke bowls in Bikini Berlinʼs open terrace food market. Food entrepreneurs founded this ground-breaking restaurant, which epitomises social responsibility on the Berlin gastronomy scene. Sons of Mana is based on the friendship goals, shared travelling experience, passion for delicious food and sports, aspiration to change eating habits and appreciation.

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